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Noa Priva Price


I am an Israeli CPA and an Enrolled Agent - which means I’m a federally-licensed tax practitioner who can represent taxpayers before the IRS. I specialize in Individual taxation both in the U.S. and in Israel.

I have always been intrigued by the dynamic taxation field, and am fascinated by the way it progresses and evolves as our lives do. I am passionate about working one-on-one with my clients, helping address their unique needs, concerns and constraints - providing them with valuable services that positively impact their day to day lives. And yes - I love crunching numbers, excels and most of all - figuring out legal  :) ways for my clients to optimize their filings for the best possible return.


BA in Accounting & Economics from Tel-Aviv University.

EY accounting firm alumni, 2012-2016, High-tech and Bio-med Assurance services department. During the time at EY, focused and was in charge of auditing financial reports and preparing tax returns for companies in different sizes, ranging from smaller early stage startups to fortune 500 companies.

In 2016, I left EY and adopted another field of expertise: Individual Taxation both in the U.S. and in Israel.



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