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My Services

Relocation Tax Planning

Before you even book your airline tickets or shipping company, let’s look at your salaries, assets, accounts, investments and more. There are so many variables that can make a massive difference in your filing - it’s better to know before you go. Together we’ll create a plan of action that will give you peace of mind for the next fiscal years.

Tax Return Preparation for Multinationals

Consultation and tax return preparation services for private individuals required to submit tax returns to U.S. and/or Israeli tax authorities - i.e. U.S. citizens residing in Israel and Israeli citizens residing in the U.S.

Tax Compliance

Frequently I work with individuals who haven’t maintained tax compliance for a variety of reasons, and eventually, it catches up with them. This can be a scary, daunting event - but it doesn’t have to be. You are in good hands and together we’ll find a way to work with the tax authorities to reach the best solution possible.

Dynamic Ongoing Tax Consultation

Life is ever-changing, and our circumstances - personal, professional and financial - change as well. It’s important to adjust your tax plans and information as shifts happen - we will make sure you’re covered.​

A Supportive, Professional Experience

I am committed to providing my clients with the utmost professional services, with a large dose of  kindness, empathy, efficiency and straight-forwardness. I will give you tough love when needed and know how to move things forward in a way that will let you breathe again. I’m fast to respond and fast to


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